Filerimos – The Cross

Filerimos, in the outskirts of Rhodes, is a hill 267 meters high overlooking the small town of Ialyssos and the bay of Ixia and Trianda. It is an ideal place to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Aegean Sea as well as to take a walk in the nature with the numerous cypresses, pines and other types of trees surrounding the area. At the top of the hill rests the Monastery of Filerimos as well as ruins from the temple of Athena Polias since this is the place where the ancient city of Ialysos used to be. A flight of stairs in the entrance leads up to an avenue of cypresses and bougainvillea ending in the cloister and the foundations of the temple. On the other direction, stunted pastel cedars create an archway leading to the belvedere where a few years ago a gigantic Cross made of concrete was erected. Filerimos as well as Lindos are perhaps the most popular places for wedding ceremonies in Rhodes.