Espa body treatment

To be taken either individually or as a series, treatments include scrubs, wraps and Floatation treatments. When choosing more than one treatment, we recommend keeping within the same path to equilibrium; unwind, rejuvenate or revitalize.

Scrubs treat your delicate skin to a new start, and complement corresponding wraps by enveloping your new skin. Baths are renowned for being relaxing, rejuvenating and warming – all things that make you feel better, and yet in our hectic world we forget this simple form of restoration. Floatation treatments are a unique experience, which promotes total relaxation and stillness in the mind. Enveloped in warm water a weightless feeling is created, but the body remains dry.

The following represent only a sampling of the indulgent treatments on offer:

Total holistic body care

This all-encompassing treatment commences with full body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This is then followed by a deep body, face and scalp massage using a blend of essential oils chosen to suit individual requirements to leave you feeling totally de-stressed and relaxed.

Holistic back face and scalp treatment

A truly holistic experience combining a deep cleansing back exfoliation with a powerful back massage using essential oils to soothe relax and balance. This is followed by an ESPA Intensive Facial tailored to your individual needs and finishes with a therapeutic head massage to help clear the mind, calm the spirit and ease tension.


Allow your skin to be deeply soothed and hydrated with this nourishing body envelopment. Gently float on our special dry floatation bed whilst being soothed with an oriental head massage followed by a luxurious Balinese Massage to complete this calming experience.


Commence this ritual with a Body Cleanse and Salt and Oil scrub performed on a heated plinth. This is followed by either a stimulating Marine Algae envelopment or a detoxifying Aromatherapy Massage to increase circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins.


Restore balance to mind and body and experience an oriental head massage as the body floats weightlessly and comfortably on our dry floatation bed, then allow stored tension to be massaged away with a full body Aromatherapy Massage to achieve.