Merging modern techniques with ancient lessons, exquisite facials create a lasting impression and instant benefits. With treatments that both indulge the senses and feed the skin, guests revel in an overwhelming experience of pure therapeutic aromas and restorative Eastern massage techniques.

Below are just three of the most popular facial treatments on offer:

Regenerating facial with firming eye treatment

Specifically designed for maturing, stressed or distressed skin, this facial concentrates on reviving the skin’s natural moisture and pays particular attention to the delicate eye area, helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines.



Aromatherapy facial

Suitable for all skin types, this deep cleansing, relaxing aromatherapy facial purifies, refines and hydrates. Specific active aromatherapy products are combined with acupressure massage, lymph drainage and Oriental head massage to leave the mind clear and the skin radiant and moisturized.

Re–hydrator facial

Ideal for dry, dehydrated, flaky and tired skin, this re-hydrating facial is an excellent regenerating boost. Gentle deep cleansing and exfoliation helps the skin to improve the absorption of nourishing and moisturizing masks, facial oils, Botanical Rescue Balm and moisturizers, which are specifically chosen for their deeply re-hydrating benefits. This facial leaves the skin smooth, soft, supple and nourished.