Unwind, rejuvenate and revitalize in Elysium’s modern spa center in Rhodes, Greece.

Elysium’s Serenity Spa has been featured in National Geographic Traveller’s (UK) “The Collection of Luxury Spas” that includes some of the best spa hotels & resorts worldwide.

At Serenity Spa our goal is to help guests reach a greater sense of equilibrium through a range of treatments and activities, which are individually planned according to their state of being.

Every detail is an important part of the experience and every sense is indulged, from the rituals that accompany each spa treatment to the exclusive premium aromatherapy products using the finest indigenous ingredients, from cactus to flowers. In recognition of the many different ways each of us respond to the stresses of life, the entire spa philosophy pivots around three pillars: unwind, rejuvenate and revitalize.

Guests can journey through the full Serenity Spa experience, commencing by unwinding mind and body to release nervous tension and improve sleep patterns.

Once relaxed, the body, mind and skin are ready to be rejuvenated through purifying treatments to cleanse and rebalance. Finally, the revitalize collection of treatments focuses on raising energy levels, resulting in a sense of renewed vitality and well-being.

Elysium resort and spa is one of the two hotels in Greece, and the only spa hotel in Rhodes, that offers the ESPA products & treatments making it the ideal option for a perfect spa holiday in Greece.